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black hole society

black hole society features mostly original music composed by myself inspired by space, as well as select arrangements. The band currently consists of myself on soprano and alto saxophone, Jason DeCristofaro on vibes and piano, Justin Watt on drums, and Connor Law on bass.

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Movie Night

Jazz has a history of performing music from shows and movies, and we continue on that tradition by performing our favorite music from movies and TV shows ranging from Jurassic Park to Frozen to the Office to Star Wars and more! I arrange all of the music for these shows, and we currently play once a month in Asheville at Save Me The Waltz.

The band is myself on soprano and alto saxophone, Taylor Pierson on piano, Will Younts on drums, and Will Beasley on bass.

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Joseph and the Wills

I co-lead this chord-less trio with drummer Will Younts and bassist Will Beasley. We perform a wide variety of standards with many twists added in, as well as original music by the band.


sketches from where I am

This is a song cycle of sorts, more accurately described as a sketch-cycle. The premise is of this project is that I choose an idea related to my life, then immediately write the first musical thoughts that come to mind in my notebook without question. The resulting music is loose and raw, performed by a chord-less trio with sax, guitar, and drums.